Drink, Food, Music

Shortly About us

Come and Commune at The Local

A Vintage Bangalore-styled tavern bound to imbue in you a sense of fellowship; catering to city burdened folk offering rejuvenation through good “Drink, Food, Music” — our 3 step cure for all!

The localites pledge

I swear by the last drop in my glass, to bear true allegiance to THE LOCAL and their bartender. I abandon all shackles laid upon me by my boss, my bank and other worldly ties, upon becoming a localite. I will seek the bartender’s advice on drinks, the weather, investments and life in general, regardless of Google.

I promise to observe the tradition of visiting THE LOCAL before and after visiting the foreign for spiritual cleansing. Upholding the “Local Values”, I will finish the alcohol on my table, never refuse a drink, tip generously, find a cure for hangovers and plant more trees.This pledge I make to all this day. So help me, bartender…with another drink.

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